Photo stand with bullet-time effect

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How it works

How it works

24 cameras, triggered simultaneously, make the time stop for a moment.
A short, branded mp4 or GIF video is automatically generated from these images. All videos are published in facebook, vimeo on the site or sent to e-mail.

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30,000 contacts

The capacity of the installation is more than 60 people per hour.
Integration with social networks, makes it possible to cover from 30,000 online users of the network per day.

30,000 contacts

Different options for implementation

Thanks to specially developed software and universal design, there can be various modifications of the photo zone, from photos in 360 to various graphic effects, under the theme of the event.

Where to apply?

Where to apply?

This system configuration can be used in the event industry, at sporting events, presentations or in the shooting of clips.

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